Actors dating normal people

Finally, an honest voice is coming to take on modern TV dating.

In every episode, comedians will watch singles as they date, or at least try to date, providing unfiltered commentary on all the shock and awe that you the viewer are already thinking.

Most of the time, afterwards, I don’t even feel like I had sex; I feel like I worked my ass off at a modelling job. And he doesn't get weirded out when people tell him they've watched his girlfriend."I take it as a compliment... Despite sex being "work", Love's career doesn't affect their sex life any more than any other job."The sex is amazing.

I don’t know how else our paths would have crossed if that didn’t happen.” The moral of the story?In a recent Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’, user Richard Reign opened up about his relationship with US pornstar Larkin Love – and no question was off limits.Together for almost six months, here are the 11 things he’s learned about dating a pornstar (and what you’ve always secretly wondered yourself).“The biggest fallacy about porn stars is that they are riddled with STI‘s. I feel safer having sex with a pornstar than I would a ‘civilian'”, he says.Although the pair are in a polyamorous relationship, the connection between the two is just like any other couple."Dating a porn star is just like dating any other woman.They all want the same things, love, romance, kindness and respect.

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Because sure, it’s sweet to think that opposites attract, or whatever, but the likelihood of a Hollywood star and an average Joe (or Jane!

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