Alpha female dating

Her independent streak is so pronounced that she doesn't really need a man to fulfill her emotional needs.

Also, her super-achiever trait wins her several men just with a glance or a conversation.

The extremely talented side of an alpha female seeks intellectual stimulation quite often.Although she expects you to be at her beck and call, she isn't quite going to do the same for you.She loves to play those hard-to-get games, and this is how she plans to keep you chasing her.This magnetic persona of hers, is exactly what makes the whole game of dating her both fun and difficult. However, she does not want a man in the conventional sense.But the glitch is, she is too independent in her thought and sentiment. She needs one who can match her intellectually, and then, emotionally.

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  1. In such cases, the only thing for you to do is to reassure them that there is no splitting of affections on your part but merely a widening of circle in which there are more people to love and receive love from.