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Despite being an adaptation of William Douglas-Home's play "The Reluctant Debutante", "What a Girl Wants" fits solidly into the genre of fun, charming, obvious, fairytale not too dissimilar to the likes of "The Princes Diaries" and "The Prince and Me" when it comes to being every young girl's fantasy.It's so similar that there are aspects to "What a Girl Wants" that feel like generic must haves, required scenes to be included so it can be classed as another young girl's fairytale fantasy movie.But in a movie aimed at young girls his bumbling and awkwardness works well to make him funny and along with the willingness to make a fool of himself with the dancing in leather trousers scene actually made you laugh as well as cringe.Aside from Bynes and Firth there are various recognizable faces such as Kelly Preston playing Daphne's free willed mother, Jonathan Pryce as the slightly over the top scheming Alistair Payne and the always wonderful Sylvia Syms as Princess Charlotte.

Having grown up in New York with just her mother Libby (Kelly Preston - For Love of the Game), Daphne (Amanda Bynes - Big Fat Liar) has always wanted to meet her father, Henry Dashwood (Colin Firth - Hope springs) a British Lord, especially when ever she sees daughter's sharing a dance with their father's at the weddings she often waitresses at.She plays teenager Daphne Reynolds, who lives in New York City with her musician mother, Libby (Kelly Preston).After she turns 17, Daphne is undecided about her future, so she takes off by herself to London in search of her father.These things probably work to make younger audiences laugh and enjoy "What a Girl Wants" but they are a little, well there's no other word for it cringe worthy.But the thing which stands out is that the casting is for the most very good and in particular the obviously cute Amanda Bynes as Daphne Reynolds.

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It's the enthusiasm of her performance which hides any weaknesses and makes many an obvious scene a little bit entertaining.

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