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Following the adventures of the eponymous polar bear and the seal pup he falls madly in love with based on its fluffy white baby fur, the story is part fable about how we can all get along and part ridiculous love story that harps on its single joke about how the seal is terrified that the bear will change his mind and eat him. When creator is giving us Polar Bear's backstory, the book fares a little better.

The Arctic isn't the most forgiving environment, so after baby Polar Bear's first family rejects him and second is eaten by a different male polar bear, he's forced out on his own as a cub.

At worst the manipulation just feels clumsily earnest.

While readers may feel especially sorry for the seal and view the relationship that develops between him and the polar bear with mixed feelings, it's more heartwarming than alarming in the end.In fact, the nearest thing there is to conflict is the fact that polar bear just won't take a hint.His stubbornness could be framed as patience, but his persistence does carry with it a level of discomfort, even if it's a romance between fictional animals and not people.His encounter with a deliberately beached blue whale further deepens the sadness of his story, while still driving home the lesson that you have to do what it takes to survive, which is likely what the adult male bear was doing when it dragged away Polar Bear's adoptive brother.Later a seagull waits futilely for Polar Bear to eat Seal so that he can clean up the mess in the symbiotic relationship that nature has designed for them.

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