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With good synthesis and technology partnerships, these advances could revolutionise the efficiency of updating in the coming years.

An international panel of authors, editors, clinicians, statisticians, information specialists, other methodologists, and guideline developers was invited to a two day workshop at Mc Master University, Hamilton, Canada, on 26-27 June 2014, organised by Cochrane.

Updating of systematic reviews is generally more efficient than starting all over again when new evidence emerges, but to date there has been no clear guidance on how to do this.

This guidance helps authors of systematic reviews, commissioners, and editors decide when to update a systematic review, and then how to go about updating the review.

The panel for updating guidance for systematic reviews (PUGs; comprising review authors, editors, statisticians, information specialists, related methodologists, and guideline developers) met to develop guidance for people considering updating systematic reviews.

The panel proposed the following: The panel also reflected on this guidance in the context of emerging technological advances in software, information retrieval, and electronic linkage and mining.

We sought to identify general approaches in this area, and not be specific to Cochrane; although inevitably most of the panel were somehow engaged in Cochrane.

The guidance was circulated to the larger group three times, with the PUGs panel providing extensive feedback.

This feedback was all considered and carefully addressed by the writing committee.

Systematic reviews synthesise relevant research around a particular question.

Preparing a systematic review is time and resource consuming, and provides a snapshot of knowledge at the time of incorporation of data from studies identified during the latest search.

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A series of small group discussions followed each question, deliberating content, and forming recommendations, as well as recognising uncertainties.

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