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Thankfully, it seems Bynes is finally regaining her sanity, though we still think it should be a ten commandment to never call Zac Efron ugly again. ” Efron has met a lot of his current friends through movies he’s worked on, but we’re going to assume that none of his friends are as large and charismatic as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Efron was first introduced to The Rock before joining the cast of , but he still had a lot to learn about working with the legend.

Efron made his return to singing and dancing in a movie, even if it wasn’t in the hallways of East High School or the streets of Baltimore in Hairspray.

This alone was enough to get Efron fans excited, but his friendship with Hugh Jackman was the cherry on top for everyone.

I won’t lie, it may be a little bit of a stretch to say they don’t contact each other at all anymore, but their friendship seems a whole lot more awkward especially with Tisdale tweeting out photos of a fake reunion.Zac Efron is one of the biggest names in Hollywood; he has the charisma of The Rock, the eyes of an ocean, and the abs of a deity.His career has been a roller-coaster of a ride, starting off as a Disney celebrity on the wildly popular movie might've been hated on by most young guys, including the whole male population of my middle school, but I always found some sort of guilty pleasure in the series.But this never stopped the two from being buddies, as they’ve been seen hanging out with each other over photos on Instagram.And Efron came to support his pal in his Broadway show and even gave a standing ovation for his friend during the middle of the play.

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Bleu laughed about it later saying that Efron was the only individual in the whole crowd who decided to stand and cheer during one of the more exciting parts in the play.

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