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However, he is also very loyal and protective of those he loves, a trait that used to make any teen girl sigh in adoration. He went on to star in films and shows such as Junebug, Johnny Got His Gun, The Eight Percent, and Southland.For the last four years he has played James Gordon on the popular show, Gotham, and the show is currently in its fourth season.For three seasons, Mischa Barton played Marissa Cooper.She’s initially a privileged party girl, but she also struggles with a number of personal problems with her family.

She went on to have roles in shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Entourage, Vegas, Nikita, Dallas, Gotham, and The Vampire Diaries.Summer is also tough, intelligent, and underneath it all very sweet.She has a close relationship with her father, and is best friends with Marissa Cooper. she was only supposed to be in it for a few episodes, but people loved her so much that she was asked to stay.Rachel played Summer Roberts, the classic California girl, who at times might come off a bit spoiled and superficial.However, she soon comes to realize that her superficial attitude is just a mask for her own insecurities.

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This ultimately leads to Kirsten heading to a rehab center for help, and she comes out a better version of herself. In 1993 she won the Gemini Award for Best Actress for her role in the film Adrift.

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