Best cities accomodating disabled

If a train strike occurs in Italy, how will you get from Florence to Rome?With backup plans (such as packing vital spare parts for your wheelchair), you won't have to put your vacation on hold. A company that specializes in accessibility will lead you on the flattest, smoothest, shortest tour routes.Anyone with adventure in their soul can take advantage of all Europe has to offer.Levels of personal mobility vary tremendously from person to person.John has taken his wheelchair to more than 90 European cities and has run into his share of challenges during his travels — but he also says that the obstacles can almost always be overcome.

Did you know that Herculaneum's ruins are nearly identical to Pompeii's, but are wheelchair-friendly?

Many hotels in European city centers have only one or two accessible rooms. For travel in the summer, make your reservations in December. If you know what you're getting into before you arrive in Europe, you'll have a much easier time on your trip.

There'll likely be numerous ways to get to the tourist attractions you're so eager to see.

Before you take a tour or hire a guide, ask these questions: Enjoy your trip! You've relied on the experience of other travelers with disabilities, and you're prepared for the unexpected. Majestic cities, beautiful art and architecture, fascinating history, exquisite food, and wonderful experiences await you. More and more people with disabilities are heading to Europe, and more of us are looking for the Back Door routes.

We, like so many of our nondisabled peers, want to get off the tourist track and experience the real France, Italy, or Portugal.

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