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Then there is Representative Raúl Grijalva of Arizona, who was Mr.Sanders’s first congressional supporter in the 2016 election but who is now backing Ms. So is Representative Deb Haaland of New Mexico, who last year became one of the first Native American women elected to Congress. Haaland attended the San Francisco fund-raiser, sporting a Warren lapel pin, just a few days after she introduced and defended Ms.SAN FRANCISCO — When Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts addressed a few hundred donors last week at a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee, she called for “big, structural change” and hurled her familiar populist lightning bolts at the forces of concentrated wealth. Warren did not attend the event just to recite her stump speech.She had another, more tailored message for the Democratic check writers, state party leaders and committee members who were gathered at the elegant Fairmont San Francisco.“Last year, I was running for re-election, but I didn’t hold back,” she said, reminding attendees that in the midterms she had helped more than 160 congressional candidates and nearly 20 hopefuls in governors’ races.Warren called him the day he was re-elected to his post last year, immediately after the midterm elections and on the day she entered the race.“All of the sudden the cellphone is ringing and it’s her — not a staffer,” added J.David Cox, the president of the American Federation of Government Employees, calling Ms.Warren has apologized and taken down a 2018 video from her campaign website in which she trumpeted the results of a DNA test examining her heritage. Warren’s condominium this year.“We’re friends, we text each other,” said the congresswoman, noting that she and Ms.Warren were also working together on legislation to establish universal child care and to provide resources to Native Americans. Warren has been careful to avoid directly criticizing Mr.

In phone calls, text messages and small gatherings before her rallies, as well as in one-on-one meetings over hot tea at her Washington condominium, Ms.Warren at a forum dedicated to Native American issues in Iowa.After being sharply criticized from the right and the left for claiming Native American ancestry, Ms. Warren helped raise money for her campaign last year and that the two had met in the senator’s office and over tea in Ms.“In fact, I raised or gave more than million helping get Democrats elected up and down the ballot around the country” and “sent contributions to all 50 state parties, the national committees and the redistricting fight.”Her point was easy to grasp: While her liberal agenda may be further left than some in the Democratic establishment would prefer, she is a team player who is seeking to lead the party — not stage a hostile takeover of it. Warren steadily rises in the polls she is working diligently to protect her left flank, lining up with progressives on nearly every issue and trying to defuse potential attacks from supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.“I’m with Bernie,” she responds when asked about what is perhaps the most contentious issue of the primary race: “Medicare for all.”Yet publicly, and even more in private, she is signaling to party leaders that, far from wanting to stage a “political revolution” in the fashion of Mr.

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Sanders took in 2016, when he inveighed against party insiders and the committee itself, which he correctly believed was favoring Hillary Clinton. Warren is also trying to allay concerns among Democrats that, as a progressive candidate proposing sweeping change, she may not have enough mainstream appeal to compete with President Trump in the general election.

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