Canadian dating age laws

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Experts estimate that more than one million children around the world are lured or sold into the sex trade each year, often as a result of poverty.

Some may travel abroad for the purpose of sexually exploiting children. Such travellers take advantage of the poverty and powerlessness of children in foreign countries, expecting to exploit weaknesses in law enforcement.

In Canada, it is illegal for anyone to engage in any prohibited sexual activity with children below the age of consent.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada who engage in any of these prohibited sexual activities with a child in a foreign country can also be charged and prosecuted in Canada for these child sex tourism offences where they have not been convicted of these offences in the foreign country.The Canadian government is committed to protecting children from this abuse.The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is a criminal offence around the world.Sometimes they can end up punishing kids in non-coercive situations.It is really important for LGBT teens, who already face hurdles when it comes to their sexuality to know the law and how it affects them.

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