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I had heard these rumors that when a director does something like this they give them a car, they give them a two-picture deal or something like that.They give them an office and ask them what they want to do after this. I was like oh, OK, cool—coming in here, I’m sort of working for free, doing this online stuff, and that was what I was offered: a mini cupcake.” Shortly after, sources told Deadline Hardwicke was removed from the sequels for being “irrational.” “At the time I didn’t understand when people were dinging me for being whatever, emotional or difficult,” Hardwicke said of the report.The two surprised the thousands of fans in attendance to talk about their experience while working on the film nearly one decade later. on October 21, 1955, the daughter of Jamee Elberta (née Bennett) and John Benjamin Hardwicke.Catherine Hardwicke was born on October 21, 1955 in Cameron, Texas, USA as Helen Catherine Hardwicke. She is a director and production designer, known for Videvik (2008), Kolmteist (2003) and Lords of Dogtown (2005). The project adapts the namesake Vault Comics series that centers on Aydis, a fierce Viking warrior who is scorned by her village for kissing another woman and then, after witnessing widespread injustice toward women, declares a one-woman feminist war on Odin himself.The acclaimed series by Natasha Alterici weaves feminism and queer themes into the familiar tapestry of Norse mythology, a mix that promises to deliver a Viking film unlike any previous one in the annals of Hollywood.

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Among her post-graduation projects was designing the solar townhouse complex built around a man-made lake on the 20-acre site, complete with waterfalls and swimming pools. After graduating from her hometown High School, Mc Allen High School, Hardwicke went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin.

Studying Architecture, Hardwicke felt that she had far too much creativity for that field, stating: Feeling limited, Hardwicke moved to Los Angeles, where she studied at UCLA film school to explore her creative talents.

With Hardwicke set to helm, the producers are moving in crisp fashion to put the film together.

Hardwicke was represented on the deal by CAA, manager Dan Halsted, and the law firm of SOWD, LLP. EVP of Business Affairs, handled the deal on behalf of Constantin.

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