Cfengine client not updating

Using cfengine, sysadmins with a large installation of, say, 800 machines, can have information about their environment quickly that otherwise would take months to gather, as well as the ability to change the environment in an instant.

For an initial example, if you have a set of Linux machines that need to have a different /etc/nsswitch.conf, and then have some processes restarted, there's no need to connect to each machine and perform these steps or even to write a script and run it on the machines once they are identified.

You simply can tell cfengine that all the Linux machines running Fedora/Debian/Cent OS with XGB of RAM or more need to use a particular /etc/until a newer one is designated. Cfengine's configuration management capabilities can work in several different ways.

In this article, I focus on a make-it-so-and-keep-it-so approach.

Each administrator can use a Subversion/CVS sandbox to hold repositories for each data center.

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CFengine prevent to copy to a symbolic that points to a directory.

It will run either from cron, manually or from the execution dæmon for cfengine, cfexecd.

A common method for running the cfagent is to execute it from cron using the cfexecd in non-dæmon mode.

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