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"Staff were alerted on Tuesday, with four days notice, that we'd be laying 17 people off," Kelly said.

On Friday morning, Kelly received word that they'd continue to receive funds through February.

For weeks, grantees were told to submit payment requests by 6 a.m. 18 before DOJ staffers who process payments would be furloughed.

On Friday morning, the Office of Justice Program website (which, like all of DOJ's pages, is not being regularly updated during the shutdown), still contained a disclaimer that the office would not be operational after 5 p.m. Thursday, minutes before their offices began to close for the day, grantees began receiving word that the offices would continue to be funded.

But none are immune from the painful decisions of what programs would be axed in order to keep their most vital functions solvent.

epa07290478 Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (L), Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Patty Murray (R) and Senate democrats carry photographs of furloughed federal workers during a press conference urging President Trump to reopen the government outside the US Capitol Capitol in Washington, DC, USA, 16 January 2019.

Donna Kelly, director of CEASE Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Shelter in eastern Tennessee, said in an emergency meeting Monday, she and the nonprofit's board decided to cut half the program's staff in order to prioritize keeping clients currently in the 26-bed shelter safe."Then the same heroes who do this work every day are being told ‘You’re going to be laid off Monday — no wait, you have six more weeks.' It’s the toll on the psyche that makes me angry." Southworth says many organizations in NNEDV were looking to credit and loans as options to ride out a lapse in funds, but interest charges and late fees can't be paid with grants so organizations would have to eat those costs. Her home, UN study shows More: Five generations of domestic violence prompts campaign to break cycle for young women "Advocates are squirreling away their private money, they're cutting anything extra like meals for victims or bus tokens," Southworth said."And all the hours we’re spending emergency planning we're never going to get back." Alice Skenandore, director of Wise Women Gathering Place in Green Bay, Wisconsin, says four of its 12 grants come directly from the federal government to help pay for the nonprofit's Native American culturally-specific services for all victims of violence, including current rent payments for five families.“A lot of our staff live paycheck-to-paycheck, several are single mothers with multiple children that they’re taking care of.But just as hard as 'what are they going to do financially' is 'what are their clients are going to do without them? “I think that’s hitting them harder than their own loss. We deal with life and death, and the clients that we work with depend on that advocacy.

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If those were to be held up, Skenandore says she was prepared to cover payroll for Wise Women’s 21 employees through mid-February using a combination of credit, other grants and possibly taking out a loan.

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