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But apparently, not everything about the experience was indeed amicable.Enter Kate Hudson, who had a very brief, if very public fling with another Yankee, Alex Rodriguez, in 2009.

To all of his characters Chris Evans added sincerity and this fact certainly captured the attention of critics and audience.

They met each other in a restaurant in West Hollywood.

Their relations were rather complicated and passionate at the same time. Nevertheless the couple finally split up because they were made to live in different countries because of shooting schedules. Chris also confessed that he liked Sandra many years ago, especially after the film Speed.

went so far to claim the actors were "definitely seeing each other." "They started seeing each other last year," the source alleged. During the interview, she recalled how her mother would wake her up when she got home from the club and take her grocery shopping. "She would want me to skip school [the next morning]… '" , Kelly also discussed the difficulties she faced moving from one place to another. "It wasn't easy going to so many schools, but you get a thick skin and you learn how to be adaptable.

There are a lot of pros along with the cons, I guess, in anything." Fortunately, Kelly, who also admitted to having a tough relationship with father Rick Dufay, was able to make peace with her mother as she was losing her battle to colon cancer.

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