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While his attitude is shady, understand that’s who he is. Robyn Wahlgast is a certified dating- and relationship coach and a happily married mother of three.Subscribe to her newsletter at New Direction Dating. By joining the All4Women Club you will enable us to continue providing you with quality lifestyle, current & entertainment news, and inspiration!I’ve more or less forgiven myself, but there are plenty of occasions when it makes me wince and wish I could go back and tell him to spend more time with his wife and not with me. I deserve to be a guy’s number one priority and the only one he’s seeing. I would never put myself (or anyone else) in that position again. It can be hard to look at the moment and be wise enough to understand that there are so many layers of consequences associated with every action — especially the bad ones.

Or maybe he has other issues that are easy to hide from a mistress, but that would destroy your relationship, too, if your lives were truly intertwined.

I should’ve stopped when I figured it out, but I thought I was in love and figured he was the married one, so really it wasn’t my problem.

Many years later I look back on that and see how wrong I was, but it wasn’t all bad — I learned these 11 important lessons: It really does take two to tango.

Questions to Ask Yourself First Don’t go blindly into a relationship with a married man.

Before you start something with them, you have to ask yourself a few questions to make sure it’s something you really want to do. Are you just lonely with your life and you’re looking for some fun and a married guy is the only person there?

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So before you get too tied up in becoming his mistress, here are five truths you should know about being in love with a married man: It can be tempting to think you are more “special” than his wife; more beautiful, sexier, nicer – everything he says.

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