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Ethan's relationship with Summer began at an unknown time before his debut in "Anatomy Park", where their secret relationship is revealed to her family when he confronts her about not responding to his text messages.After having a discussion with Jacob, he revealed that when he was a child, his older brother took him fishing and molested him in the bushes, and "made him feel like a girl", which traumatized him and became the root of much of his anger.Ethan is a sensitive nature boy but frequently becomes defensive because of his insecurities about his masculinity due to being molested by his brother as a child, describing himself as being made to "feel like a girl".During his relationship with Summer, he was often depicted as seeking her out, such as when she could not text him during the Smith's Christmas or when he wanted to celebrate the new religion, worshipping the heads.Ethan and Summer are generally in a boyfriend-girlfriend, relationship that's often interrupted with long-winded arguments that get very personal.In "Anatomy Park", Ethan was mad at Summer for ignoring him and in "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy", Summer was offended by Ethan caring only about her appearance.Ethan dates Tricia in "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy" shortly after breaking up with Summer and takes her to the camping trip he and Summer had planned to go on themselves.Summer believes Ethan is only dating Tricia Lange because she has large breasts.

Summer returned home in tears and asked her mother Beth if she was attractive.When Beth refused to answer, Summer tried to use her grandfather's alien technology to adjust the size of her breasts, ultimately enlarging her entirely.Her mother's attempt to repair this makes her inside-out as well.Summer and Ethan are also very physically affectionate with one another, including making out in front of her family.He was also willing to help save her and her parents from the displeased Heads.

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During this time, Summer reveals Ethan can play guitar as the two learn the 'Seven Contemplations of the Head' by singing them.

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