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Simply click on Ask an Appraiser box and you will be directed to an appraiser who can help.From 1769 to the present day this mark has been impressed in the clay on Queens Ware, or printed in colour.We also carry a fine selection of New Haven mantel clocks plus an assortment of skeleton clocks and French designed hand-painted porcelain clocks.All our reproduction clocks are truly a beautiful work of art that will grace your home with bright moments for a long time to come.Antique clock value, find out how much worth your old clock, learn how to self appraise, find the grade & condition, what are the rarest & most valuable antique clocks in the world.

Antique clocks by country collecting old clocks by country, antique American clocks & old world clocks articles in identifying the different style, designs of US & foreign clocks.

However, French clocks are often significantly less expensive than English or American mantel clocks from the same period, so they present a more affordable entry into the antique mantel clock market.

While identifying and valuing antiques isn't always an easy task, there are many telltale signs to indicate whether or not a mantel clock is a confirmed French antique. French mantel clocks in good condition are normally priced under 0.

In recent times the words Etruria and Barlaston and the name of the pattern have in many cases been printed in addition to the trade mark.

From 1780, ornamental Jasper, Black Basalt, cane, terra cotta and Queens Ware are always marked with this stamp.

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