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As far as the tone in my head, I hear something in the middle between Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, and David Gilmour with an oboe, viola, and low D whistle thrown in.

[By the way, check out the sound of a low D whistle.] 10.

So the main inspiration was to spend a life of trying to build guitars the best I could, rather then being one of those people who dies saying they could’ve tried harder.

To get my first guitar off a piece of paper, it took me over three years of drawing and redrawing, cutting bodies, and then more drawing []. and you average the lines, the body shape that comes out looks god-awful.

The Narrowfields are like a single-coil but are hum canceling, and the result of this is a new sounding pickup system that blends features of single-coils, P-90s, and humbuckers. About three to four years ago we were offered the auto-tune system technology when it was first invented, but we passed.

If you’re driving a car, you need to be checking the rearview mirror a good percentage of the time while you are also looking through the windshield.

I’ve just felt it’s the most comfortable to most hands and so that’s why I’ve pretty much always stuck by that radius.

I’ve never had an artist complain about the 10" radius.

However, there have been a few times players have requested a flatter one because that’s what they’re used to. One of my all-time guitar heroes is John Mc Laughlin.

But for the most part, a 10" radius works perfectly for our guitars and most guitarists in the market. John is a genius musician who is one of the fathers of our musical industry.

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It took a long time to get the body shape to the point that it was comfortable to the eye, comfortable with the way it felt, and comfortable to how it works as part of a musical instrument.

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