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That change of direction may have been as a result of the success of competitor firms in the Potteries, England, who were employing such world-famous designers as Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper.

Anonymity caused, not only by the reported destruction of the pattern books, but by the invariably unsigned nature of the pieces.Myott’s popular decorative wares of the 1920’s,1930’s and 1940’s are the Myott Collectors Club raison d’etre.A good piece of Myott can sit beside some of the best Clarice Cliff and justifiably hold its head up high.See the ‘Contact’ page for details on how to get in touch.Special thanks go to all those who have contributed so far.

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The Alexander Pottery was founded in the early part of the nineteenth century and was taken over by George Thomas Mountford in 1888 producing earthenware goods.

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