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The question is, however: Who really wants to read that?

That is why we are starting the Men’s Edition of the “Top 5 Things To Do” for cities that are interesting to men.

Alas, it would be inacceptable to simply bash what others have to say without putting your money where your mouth is.

The answer is hardly anyone does, and if there is one group that will not benefit from this kind of “advice” it is as they will be looking for activies that suit their particular interest.

With the reputation of one of the best venues for authentic Polish dishes in the whole city Folk Gospoda offers everything Polish cuisine has to offer.Go here for a quality bottle of local Vodka as every the shop has no less than 2000 different products on display.In case you were wondering, the answer is yes, they do sell and have plenty of offers for you to choose from.The people of Warsaw initiated an uprising against the Nazis who held their city in a deathly grip for almost six years.After the Uprising of the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto in 1943 the of 1944 is the largest armed uprising to ever take place on German occupied territory during the war.

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