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' But, whatever the deficiencies of the artist – legion – he's managed to capture the contradiction that lies at the heart of George Hamilton.Here is someone who seems to suffer from one of the most advanced cases of narcissism ever recorded.

His famously burnished skin does not disappoint either; it's the colour and texture of French-polished veal.

'It really didn't seem that strange to me,' he says. I'd lost my virginity quite early on, and this freed me up. 'I decided then that suntanning was going to be to me what the funny blue suit was to Superman.' It also meant that Hamilton could effectively reinvent himself.

'I think I'd developed enough sexual energy by then to find the whole thing… When I look back on it, I don't think my life was changed as a result. I wasn't so preoccupied with sex anymore.' Around this time, Hamilton also discovered the joys of tanning. In Palm Beach in Florida, he found that the browner his skin was, the more female attention he attracted. 'I was able to pass myself off as this Palm Beach millionaire playboy with the aid of a good tan and the bespoke English clothes I picked up in thrift shops.' Ever since, whatever the weather, Hamilton has faced the world from behind a richly bronzed exterior – in the late Eighties, he even launched his own range of tanning products.

However, they decided to stop the funeral for a few moments to wipe it away.' Now Hamilton has written his autobiography, Don't Mind If I Do.

As you would expect, there are accounts of his friendships and rivalries with stars such as Judy Garland, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant and Robert Mitchum.

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  1. You start to wonder - how well do you really know this person? Go rent a James Bond film and settle in for a long and romantic night of boredom. The only thing your date has spied was the sexy person at the table behind you.

  2. Then, as her arrest did not include detainment, she was released until a week later, where she faced her 3rd questioning on August 30, 2016. GEEZ, if all this is true, this sucks for his group.