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Obviously, the chicken chain has benefitted financially from this exchange but has made no move to compensate the workers who are making it possible.The unfair division of work and profit is very obvious and is nothing to joke about.

❤️[LINK EN BIO] #Vogue20 Fotografía: @benwellerstudio Realización: @mayazep Casting: @legainsbourg A post shared by Vogue México y Latinoamérica (@voguemexico) on “In the Dominican Republic, women who are considered beautiful look very different to me and models I saw in magazines looked very different to me.

El resultado es un manifiesto de poder femenino que tiene eco ¡más allá de la MODA!

#Vogue Septiembre Fotografía: @benwellerstudio A post shared by Vogue México y Latinoamérica (@voguemexico) on Last week, Twitter exploded with the Chicken Sandwich Wars between Popeye’s newest menu addition and Chic-fil-A’s classic options.

So honestly, it didn’t even cross my mind,” Morillo said.

It hurts to hear that anyone this beautiful could think they were not, but that’s colorism for you. Annibelis Baez has walked for some major fashion titans including, Dior Haute Couture, Kenzo, and Lanvin.

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Campaña para @distrito79 Joyas de @monicavarela Fotografía @amarophoto Iluminación @dguzmanfotografia Video @ottosantosrd Colonización @kackao_ Modelo @manuelasancheztsh Agencia @menieurluis Maquillaje @zoranllyf Producción de moda @styledbymannelik Asistencia de estilismo @albabobea @natasshamorales 💕💕💕😍😍😍A post shared by Manuela Sanchez (@manuelasancheztsh) on alerted the fashion-consuming public to be on the lookout for the then-16-year-old Sánchez.

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