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In 1988 the Welsh Language Board was established, helping to ensure the rebirth of Welsh.Throughout Wales there was a serious effort in the second half of the twentieth century to maintain and promote the language.During the eighteenth century a literary and cultural rebirth of the language occurred which further helped to solidify national identity and create ethnic pride among the Welsh.Central to Welsh culture is the centuries-old folk tradition of poetry and music which has helped keep the Welsh language alive.The Welsh sense of identity has endured despite invasions, absorption into Great Britain, mass immigration, and, more recently, the arrival of non-Welsh residents.

This large-scale migration of non-Welsh-speaking workers greatly accelerated the disappearance of Welsh-speaking communities.

Wales is very mountainous and has a rocky, irregular coastline with numerous bays, the largest of which is Cardigan Bay to the west.

The Cambrian Mountains, the most significant range, run north-south through central Wales.

Wales covers an area of 8,020 square miles (20,760 square kilometers) and extends 137 miles (220 kilometers) from its most distant points and varies between 36 and 96 miles (58 and 154 kilometers) in width.

The capital, Cardiff, is located in the southeast on the Severn Estuary and is also the most important seaport and shipbuilding center.

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