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Hard paste porcelain is made of 2 ingredients-kaolin(clay) and petuntse(decomposed granite).

European countries were unable to unlock the secret to the formula so they made their first porcelains by substituting different materials. The soapstone made the porcelain withstand the heat of boiling water and produced tea services that were very much in demand.

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The roots of Royal Worcester date to 1751, when a group of 14 English businessmen, including Dr.

The original partnership deeds are still housed in the Worcester Museum.John Wall, William Davis, and Richard and Josiah Holdship, signed a deed of partnership to produce porcelain.This early incarnation of the company didn’t start from the ground up.The firm went through many different periods and name changes.It became the Worcester Royal Porcelain Company, Ltd., in 1862. The company was bought by the Portmeirion Group in 2009.

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