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The contestant had nothing else to go on except the mom's description of the child and their experience on the date.

In the end they would have to pick who they would want to date before finally having that person revealed.

They always had models or Lakers dancers or massage therapists or body builders placed with the couples.

You knew something bad was going to happen and, like a car crash, you couldn't look away.

In 2008, Paris Hilton also had her own show is the MTV show where a contestant would go on dates with three different moms who are all trying to convince them why their son or daughter was the best choice.

Because nothing says true love like your mom telling someone that you have a rockin' bod.

seemed to be banking on when they thought up this dating show.

When it comes to crazy reality dating shows, MTV is the king.

The network had a ton of hits, each with their own hook to pull viewers in.

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