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A bustling city-state in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is famous for its booming economy and its strict regime of law and order.Long an important port of call on the monsoonal Indian Ocean trade circuit, today Singapore boasts one of the world's busiest ports, as well as thriving finance and services sectors.The president serves a six-year term, while legislators serve five-year terms.The unicameral parliament has 87 seats and has been dominated by PAP members for decades.The largest religion in Singapore is Buddhism, at about 43% of the population.The majority are Mahayana Buddhists, with roots in China, but Theravada and Vajrayana Buddhism also have numerous adherents.Obviously, written language in Singapore is also complex, given the variety of official languages.Commonly-used writing systems include the Latin alphabet, Chinese characters and the Tamil script, which is derived from India's Southern Brahmi system.

singapore expats - singapore property for rent / sale, guide on expat relocation.Singapore Airshow is considered as Asia’s largest aeronautics event with the presence of the biggest names in the aviation industry.Watch breathtaking flying demos or explore the static aircraft display where visitors can get inside cockpits of fighter jets or tour deluxe cabins of luxury airliners.The most common mother tongue is Chinese, with about 50% of the population.Approximately 32% speak English as their first language, 12% Malay, and 3% Tamil.

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