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The difficulty I’ve experienced is with communication.

Finding one I can talk too and she talks to me is the most elusive of the things I want to find.

The wheels are going to come off just in time for the worst of outside situations occur. Men do it too And just when you think I’ve covered the worst you get the Dangerous/Nuts These are the mentally ill, but better at hiding it.

In this crowd you have the addicts, alcoholics, narcissists, sociopaths and generally deeply damaged human beings who don’t have the same personality at the end of a date they had at the beginning.

You really do not want these types knowing you are prepared for anything other than dinner.

Consider whats going to happen if they cant get their meds at some point. They fall in love before you know them, making them much more unstable.

Yes, that’s hilarious looking back but when someone is talking to the voices in their head while you are talking to them , again its time to pull the handles and eject.

I’ve found women to be amazingly observant about most things anyway.

If you are reading this post I can only figure you are single as well and trying to find the majic formula for dating and then telling them you are a prepper/ survivalist / whatever you want to call it. First of all, looking at me I am the typical small town Dad. The Funny/Nuts- these are the people who have had life as most of us, ups and downs but can laugh about most of it. These are the people who are the most well adjusted to life and are happy in their own skin.

I live in a nice house, have not much of a social life mostly because of work schedules and kids schedules. The people who are not negative in their whole life and see everything as an opportunity to learn. These are the people you want around when stability and resiliency is important.

If you are dating someone who is recently re entered the dating pool, don’t fall in love with them. Try to be the best person you can be, don’t get too attached and be ready for the unexpected breakups because they happen without warning. I have the hardest time with dating someone with kids. You have to laugh and love life through a kids eyes. I’ve always loved the way my kids are adaptable and very stable.

Kids are great people but depending on how the parental situation is they may resent you being in their parents lives. They are less likely to meet anyone I’m dating in the last coupe years because our schedules have fluxed with them in their teens, and the related teen issues with friends and drama.

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