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content=promo Since the release of the television series, The Secret Life of Us, Claudia has become an Australian televison icon.

Does anyone have any further information about her Kytherian origins?

Claudia has worked in film since she was 14 years of old.

Her Filmography includes: Films Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) (scenes deleted) - Sola Naberrie Risk (2000) - Louise Roncoli Strange Planet (1999) - Judy Passion (1999) - Alfhild de Luce Paperback Hero (1998) - Ruby Vale Two Girls and a Baby (1998) - Catherine Flynn (1996) - Penelope Watts Natural Justice: Heat (1996) - Asta Cadell Dating the Enemy (1996) - Tash Lust and Revenge (1996) - Georgina Oliphant Exile (1994) - Jean Broken Highway (1993) - Catherine The Nostradamus Kid (1993) - Beat Girl Touch Me (1993) - Christine The Heartbreak Kid (1993) - Christina Papadopoulos Redheads (1992) - Lucy Holidays on the River Yarra (1990) - Elsa The Big Steal (1990) - Joanna Johnson High Tide (1988) - Ally Echoes of Paradise (1987) - Julie Going Down (1983) - Disgruntled Child Molly (1983) - Maxie Ireland Television - mini series "My Brother Jack" (2001) - Cressida Morley "The Violent Earth" (1998) - Jeanne Television - series "The Secret Life of Us" (2001) - Dr.

The producer is Heather Ogilvie, CEO of Galvanized Film Group, who collaborated with the director on her two previous features, Ross Grayson Bell is writing the screenplay based on the novel by Susan Duncan, which has sold more than 250,000 copies.

The narrative follows the grief-stricken protagonist as she throws in her city job and buys a rundown shack on Sydney’s Pittwater, where she finds friendship, love and a new life.

Nothing quite fuels the stirrings of national appreciation like watching a movie about a mythical boar rampage through the outback in Razorback (1984), or Sam Worthington’s beautifully mangled Shakespeare in Macbeth (2006), you know?

Here are a few other left-of-centre Aussie film recommendations to make your day “as good as an ABBA song”, as good as ‘Dancing Queen’.

Grayson Bell is working on the third draft and shooting is planned for mid-2014.Here’s our list of Australian comedy films, about 38 in total, not a conclusive list, but the ones we believe are worth a look.Follow the link at each movie for reviews, trailers where available, synopsis and more info on each movie.“I like to bring an Australian distributor into the team at an early stage,” said Ogilvie.“Putting the writer and distributor in the same room gives the writer a real sense of the target audience.” The producer said she and the director will be seeking “high profile” names for the lead and two supporting roles.

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