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After dating many women Dave M discovered that a lot of them look different to their online profile photo.

This helped to devise a system where he screens the women he's physically or emotionally attracted to so he doesn't waste his time meeting someone who looks worse than their photo.

It also includes an email template to get women who've checked out your profile to email you in order to meet.

There is also an email to produce an immediate "phone number surge" and 'stealth' email openers to have women replying to your emails.

He took this approach another step further by getting women to give him their phone number after the second e-mail.

If that didn't work he discovered how to tease them about it, and that usually does the trick for the third e-mail.

Then he learn't what got him more dates from his phone calls to these single women.

In fact 97% of men give up online dating after 3 months simply because they don't know how to get women to respond to them.

Dave M just didn't spend his time online dating he spent his time learning what got him the most replies to his e-mails.

I'm talking about specific things you can do immediately to get more women emailing you back, get more phone numbers faster than you ever have before and how to have more success when you meet women in person. Please note The How To Made Easy is not affiliated with the owners, authors or publishers of the Insider Internet Dating.

These are simple strategies you can do to separate yourself from 99.9% of the guys on all the dating sites, Dave lays it out for you in an easy to follow format, in audio and video.

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This product aims to help you keep a conversation going in order to create a strong emotional connection with a woman, and make her sexually interested and attracted to you.

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