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(And wipe away the bizarre revelation that Roseanne's daughters actually wound up with the opposite Healy brother, but that's another story altogether.) So how'd they do it? In the first moments of the premiere episode, with the camera trained on that iconic living room, we hear Roseanne off-camera shouting Dan's name.

Now that the revival's premiered—to truly massive ratings! As it turns out, the reveal of Roseanne's work of fiction in season nine was itself a work of fiction! The action quickly cuts to the couple's bedroom, where Dan awakens from his slumber, sleep apnea mask and all. "I thought you were dead," his wife tells him."I'm sleeping," he replies.

Inspired by real life progressive pastors Touré & Sarah Roberts, the multi-camera comedy show revolves around Omari & Hope who together run a modern ministry and share an even more eclectic and chaotic home life with a combined 4 children.

In this single camera comedy, Hannah (Simone) and her Indian-American immigrant father have always been close, but after she admits to herself that she’s in a dead-end job and he reveals his marriage is over, they’re starting over together and each finding a new path.

"Why does everybody always think I'm dead." And that's that.

From there, the episode moved on to telling its new stories about Roseanne and Jackie's (Laurie Metcalf) estrangement since the 2016 presidential election, Darlene's (Sara Gilbert) move home with her two kids, and Becky's (Lecy Goranson) decision to become a surrogate for a woman played by none other than Becky 2, Sarah Chalke.

Nate Bargatze (EP, W-Pilot), Jerrod Carmichael (EP, W-Pilot), Ari Katcher (Co EP, W-Pilot), Dan Shaki (Co EP, W-Pilot), Danielle Sanchez-Witzel (EP, Show Runner), Alex Murray (EP N/W), Tim Sarkes (EP N/W), Drew Goddard (D-Pilot, EP N/W) Based on the life and comedy of Nate Bargatze, the multi-camera comedy series follows Nate and his wife who choose to move from California to Nate's native Tennessee, where his parents still live, to raise their six-year-old daughter.

Alex Herschlag (EP, W-Pilot), Jaime Camil (EP N/W), Gonzalo Cilley (EP N/W), Marcia Lucia Hernandez Frieri (EP N/W), Joanna Klein (EP N/W), Guillermo Restrepo (EP N/W), Ben Silverman (EP N/W), Jennie Snyder Urman (EP N/W), Victor Gonzalez (D-Pilot) A multi-camera comedy about Jackie (Perrette), a single suburban mother who’s shocked when her estranged sister, Elizabeth (Natasha Leggero), her sister’s outrageously wealthy, big-hearted husband, Javier (Camil), and Javier’s fiercely loyal assistant/driver/friend, Luis (Izzy Diaz), land on her doorstep in need of a place to live after the couple’s money dries up.

The film was forecast to take between $US260 million and $US300 million in its first week of showings in US and Canadian theatres, but moviegoers turned out in such force that the figure jumped to a record $US350 million in sales.A small New Hampshire town is thrust onto the world stage when the discovery of a valuable resource within its borders compels the residents to declare themselves an independent nation, setting the unlikely young mayor and her cabinet of inexperienced locals on the path of running a brand new country.This complex and timely spy thriller centers around the head of communications for the NSA (Bush), a charming operative who finds her loyalties torn between protecting the government’s secrets and her own., there was one big question on the minds of the beloved sitcom's fans: What about Dan?As viewers of the much-maligned ninth season remember well, the show's original series finale saw Roseanne Conner (played by creator and star Roseanne Barr) reveal that the entire season had been a work of fiction and the heart attack her dear husband suffered at their daughter Darlene's wedding at the end of episode eight was actually a widow-maker. Of course, John Goodman was immediately attached to appear in the nine-episode revival meaning that, like before them, the writers of the new season would have to find a way to undo the unthinkable and bring Dan back to life.

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Inspired by John Mayer’s hit song, HEART OF LIFE follows two sets of adult siblings from wildly different worlds who discover they’re related and must reassess everything they thought they knew about their shared father.

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