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Handling Null Values Data controls support a variety of ways to handle null or missing data.Both the data-bound controls and data source controls expose appropriate events for this purpose.You can use these events to add or remove parameters from the dictionaries or commands, change their values, or simply validate that parameters have the correct input format.Notice also that Old Values is not required for an Insert operation.

Another meeting of Committee was held on , after publication of 'Will', and according to that Sri Ram Ji Tripathi (Swami Shantanand Saraswati) was to be installed as Peethadhishwar of Jyotirmath/Jyotishpeeth.Previous "Will" which were already deposited with District Registrar, Allahabad were taken back by Dwarika Prasad." "13- D;k fnukad [email protected] uo Ecj 1989 dks izfroknh dk T;ksfr"kih B ds 'kadjkpk; Z ds :i esa df Fkr vf Hk"ksd vo S/k ,oe~ vfof/kiw.k Z g S\ " "13." "19- D;k iz Lrqr okn ifjlhek ls ckf/kr g S\ " "19." "20- D;k iz Lrqr okn foc U/ku ds fl)k Ur ls ckf/kr g S\ " "20.The interim Committee consisted of 12 persons whereof Swami Swaroopanand was President and Pandit Bal Krishna Misra was Secretary.

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