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National’s president, George Beauchamp, overruled Dopyera and rushed the Triolian into production in late 1928.

Beauchamp and Dopyera had been rubbing each other the wrong way for some time, and this came as the last straw.

There are no serial numbers on the top of the head stock.

The only Dobro resonators on ebay that have the same tail piece as mine have sound holes at the top.

Rudy and Emil (later called Ed) Dopyera left National soon after John.

The brothers named their new company Dobro (a shortened version of Dopyera Brothers).

I've found minimal information about it and it's killing me that I cannot find much info about it. Thank you all for your help it really makes me 100% more excited than I already was about the guitar I would have to say I feel like an American Picker haha, he said it was his grandfathers and his grandfather served in WWII, the only thing he said to me after I gave him the cash was "Whatever you do just make sure you take care of it and it goes to a good owner"I'm not interested in selling it because it's such a beautiful guitar and it's in mint condition other than the broken tuner pegs. Another awesome thing is the Gieb Puritan guitar case that the Dobro was in which dates back to the 1930's as well.

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