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Specifically, clinical sport psychologists with forensic training can establish themselves as a critical piece in the call to address and remediate these prominent issues in today’s sport landscape.The problem of sexual violence in sports sits at the nexus of the subspecialties of clinical psychology, sport psychology, and forensic psychology.It is then of paramount importance to understand that sex offenders are not a homogenous group that all have the same proclivities, grooming patterns, preferences, attitudes, presentations, etc.Identifying perpetrators requires understanding the many criminogenic factors that contribute to sexual offending.In 2013, Jameis Winston, then quarterback of the Florida State University football team, was accused of sexual assault.No charges were filed, however, in 2016, the university paid 0,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by the victim alleging a violation of Title IX by FSU in handling her complaint.The #Me Too movement, founded by Tarana Burke in 2006, may be the most widely seen social media phenomenon demonstrating the importance of a meaningful response by those involved in sports.Individuals that have training in two vital areas: clinical psychology/counseling and in sport and performance, particularly in understanding athletic and sport culture, bring pragmatic expertise to the table.

Sports leagues have attempted to subvert the potential for sexual predators to access athletes by utilizing criminal background checks.Winston was later accused of groping an Uber driver and was suspended three games of the 2018 season by the NFL.In 2016, former NFL safety Darren Sharper was convicted of multiple charges of drugging and sexually assaulting several women across many cities.Risk assessment methodology will be reviewed in the context of factors that contribute to a culture that tolerates sexual assault.Group-level interventions currently being utilized will be reviewed, recommended topic areas to be covered in protocols will be enumerated, and suggestions for systemic and cultural change in the sport domain will be offered.

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These represent only a few of the sexual abuse scandals that have existed in the sports world..

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