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Another strong signal your ex’s relationship is doomed is that she has yet to have a successful healthy relationship with a man. If this is the case, you don’t have any evidence this rebound relationship isn’t going to end like all of her other ones.

If you want her back and can find happiness in what you used to have, then there’s hope you might be able to give it another shot.

This shows his intentions aren’t sincere and that he still cares deeply for you.

In conclusion, if he happens to continuously make these common relationship blunders, it’s highly likely this rebound will fizzle out too.

If you decide to maintain contact with your ex-girlfriend and show her how confident and secure you are, this could be the trigger to help her change her feelings about you.

Experts say girls are drawn to a man who is emotionally sound and not men who are weak; that’s a turnoff.

Be careful because this isn’t the man who is full of himself and comes across as arrogant.

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