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You will receive a blackmail phone call or skype call asking money to deposit in their Bank Account or via Western Union Money Transfer.If you fail to send money, they will threaten you to upload the naked video of you in the fake facebook profile and send request to all your facebook friends.Make sure you followed the proper steps suggested in the article, how to report and remove a video from facebook.There is no approximate time, when facebook will remove the reported video or profile, but for me it took few minutes and some time it took couple of days for a facebook staff to moderate the request.

You may chat and know who they are but when the conversation moves to something private, try to end the chat at least at that point of time.If you are reading this post, you could be a victim of Facebook Blackmail Philippines Scam or something threatening you to Post your Video on Facebook.Also Read, How to Hide Friends List in Facebook from Friends and Everyone? With a profile picture people could recognize your profile as your profile and therefore should be adding you as a friend, if they know you. You can set this Ghost yourself and other Snapchat users can see it when they start looking for your name or click on your ‘profile’. We therefore really think you should add your Ghost, which could be changed very easily.Snapchat is a different social media platform than for example Facebook or Instagram, so the way you could present yourself also differs from those two examples. So if the current Ghost is not-so-perfect, you can easily get rid of it or add a new one.

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You will see the destination as Philippines address and if you have any contacts over there, you can file a legal police complaint to take it further for any legal actions.

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