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It has a gargantuan advantage compared to any "Follow" button on any website: it used to be platform and service independent but centralized in your chosen RSS reader.The reader crawled all the RSS feeds you were "following" from all around the internet - and that's it. Since Google phased out it's Reader, RSS slowly started to fade out but some other services still have it - and it's good for you.To find the Flickr RSS or Atom feed for that user’s page, access the View Source function in your browser.(In Internet Explorer, right click, then select View Source). You may have to use Find Next if the string found is not what you need; the result you want looks like this: As you can see, both RSS and Atom are indeed present in the source for the page.Flickr album gallery plugin shows your Flickr album images on your Word Press website with a smooth transition that gives a soothing effect to your visitors.We have invested a lot of time, dedication and resources in building this plugin, which is reflected through our customer satisfaction and positive feedback for Flickr album gallery plugin.Flickr Album Gallery plugin is such an easy to use and fully documented ready plugin. Officially hosted in the Word Plugin Directory: Quick Flickr Widget. I’d also like to know which version of Word Press you’re using and the output in the widget (there should probably be some error message).

tags=mountains&format=rss_200 You can replace "mountains" with any other tag used at Flickr.

These steps include obtaining your API key and ID, adding the shortcode and adding access details to the shortcode.

When the shortcode is added, a new pop-up screen called Flickr Feeds Settings opens.

Below the services who play nice and do show the RSS feed URLs in the gallery/page/portfolio site source code - only none of the "modern" browsers care anymore to show the RSS icon in the toolbar.

Tumblr is one of the exceptions: most of the themes still have the RSS logo with the RSS link underneath it.

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