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“To avoid being ‘old seafood’ I can only tell them to be careful.

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And conversation inevitably turns sour when it touches upon her participation in the anti-extradition bill protests, now approaching the three-month mark.

Amy, in her early 20s, and her dozen friends have been among the many black-clad, masked young protesters who are part of Hong Kong’s biggest political movement since the 2014 pro-democracy Occupy protests. Freedom and democracy are more important than slaving ourselves away for money.”The rift within Amy’s family parallels that between Hong Kong’s young and its ruling class, sometimes referred to in Cantonese by the slang term “old seafood,” a common way to refer to elite and detached “old farts.” While many older Hong Kongers do support the movement, many others believe the young should focus on working hard and getting ahead, or think that young people are being enticed to take part in the protests by an invisible “black hand”— foreign interference.“This is the Hong Kong government’s ‘old seafood’ mentality,” said Baleros Irving Alfred of Reclaiming Social Work Movement (link in Chinese), a collective of licensed social workers who have been supporting young protesters. They believe that people would only do something if they are paid…

Cases of young pro-democracy protesters being kicked out of their homes by their parents are not uncommon, he said.

Alfred recalled one case where a young man fell out with his mother because he quit his job at Mc Donald’s in Admiralty after the shop’s manager agreed to sell burgers to the police even though the shop was closed.

Her parents grill her about her whereabouts everyday.

He and his colleagues have also been reaching out to counsel young people they deem at high risk of suicide based on their social media messages.

Not all quarrels with family are caused by political differences.

But some Hong Kongers say they have seen up close how deeply invested the young protesters are in the city’s future.

A 40-year-old protester who identifies himself as Fai said he has been on the frontlines on many occasions.

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A 19-year-old frontline protester who identified himself as Hope said his parents support the protests but they have tried to stop him from going for his own safety.

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