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Providing that visitors aren't in Tanzania on business, how they dress will not be much of an issue.It is worth noting that even the poorest in Tanzania will try their best to dress well as a well-dressed person is much more respected in their culture.Even if you are not hungry, try to eat a little bit of every dish.Tanzanians are a warm, friendly people who occasionally welcome visitors with enormous acts of kindness that would take people aback in their home countries.Due to the 50% Muslim population in Tanzania, particularly in the Zanzibar archipelago, women and men may find it better to dress more conservatively, with women also donning a head dress.However, while not well liked, a tourist with a little bare skin showing is tolerated.Keep the quick smooches, hand holding and long hugs to a private space.It is also worth noting for members of the LBGT community that homosexuality is both taboo and illegal in the country.

As an extra note, smelling food is considered rude to the cook as is passing up food.Visitors who offer out their hand first, should always use the right hand.Right hands are used for eating while left hands are more associated with toilet activities.Although early Tanzania had its roots in German and British colonization, they still have an ancient culture that is all their own.Visitors will see the gratitude at the extra effort on the faces of every taxi driver, tour guide, and merchant they meet along the way.

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In some more isolated tribes, greeting an older person is often followed by a bow; however, most visitors that head to these tribes will be filled in first on local customs by a guide.

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