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Party girls – Balinese party girls are well, girls that link to drink and party.

They are not the best if you’re looking for a serious Balinese girlfriend but are ideal if you’re here for a few days or weeks and want to party.

Outside of tourism there aren’t a lot of jobs in Bali and with the average monthly salary being 0 per month.

The point being if you do want to have a long-term Balinese girlfriend then don’t expect her to pay for half the things you do, it’s an island with a limited about of jobs to really earn good money.

These types of Bali women tend to be the ones most likely to be friends or date you and easiest to meet.

If you don’t look after yourself and are a mess, then you’ll only end up with a Bali women who matches you.

My tip would be never to wear a vest and flip flops unless you’re on the beach.

Going to a bar, restaurant or club always dress in chino shorts and a t-shirt with trainers at the bare minimum.

Bali tops all places in Southeast Asia when it comes to partying. Indonesian girls are beautiful with long black hair, black eyes, full lips, tanned skin, slim figures and they are hot in bed compared to other girls from neighboring countries.

I have come up with the list of the top 7 places to find Bali girls where can be mostly seen in the areas of Kuta, Sanur and Denpasar.

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