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Prospective students should consult with the graduate program representative to determine which type of evidence is appropriate and sufficient for a given program.Completion of additional coursework and/or submission of test scores, or other types of evidence of ability is a requirement to be considered for admission, but is not a guarantee of admission.Stanford uses electronic billing and payment services.Charges for tuition, room, and board are billed prior to the beginning of each academic quarter, and are due as indicated on the bill, generally on the 15th of the following month.All application materials become the property of the Graduate School and cannot be returned to the applicant, forwarded to another institution, or duplicated for any purpose.If you are a UWM student holding senior standing and are within 6 credits of graduation, and meet both the admission requirements of the Graduate School and your proposed graduate program unit, you may apply and be considered for one semester’s concurrent enrollment in the undergraduate college and in the Graduate School.Your entire program is subject to the regulations and requirements of the Graduate School.

The program unit is well positioned to address more specific questions: GRE Website UWM Institutional Code for the GRE: 1473 Please be aware that not all programs require the completion of the GRE.

You are assessed graduate fees for all coursework taken during the semester of senior-graduate admission.

Apply It’s important to remember that the decision to accept or deny an application for graduate study at UWM is based on more than the completeness of the application or the quality of an applicant’s prior achievements.

Please be aware of recommended and required deadlines.

We recommend applying at least one year in advance of the term you wish to start.

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