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They will serve more as a communication tool for my girls.

Dear Boy Dating Our Daughter, Before we even met you, we liked you.

Having a servant’s heart is one that lives to give–for others; never for self or to gain. Pastor and author Tommy Nelson says it perfectly when he says, .

If our girl is not meant to be your someday-wife, that’s OK.

It was the crucial appointment where she found out the sex of the baby. I just remember she took so much interest in what I was saying that I felt like the most important person in the world.

She made it up to me by taking me to get a big hamburger and then frozen yogurt afterwards.She’s a dreamer and adventurer, while being grounded in logic and reality. We know you have your own story, joys, struggles, pains, and past.She loves to push the limits, but also has unfathomable respect for the rules. You will find no judgement here because we know these things have chiseled and deeply etched your heart, bringing to the forefront a character that otherwise may not have been revealed.If you base your relationship solely on physical attraction, your relationship will only be as deep as that beauty. She is worth more, It is our hope that the two of you cultivate a beautiful, intimate relationship with Christ and live your faith out loud.We pray that you would stand by one another as you both pursue all that God has in store for you as individuals and as a couple, and that you would be obedient to Him first and foremost.

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