Intimidating someone bigger than you

When you’re a drug-free lifter, it can sometimes be very difficult to look big and muscular.Even if you actually have a lot of muscle mass, if it isn’t distributed in the right places, you will not physically appear large.In this article, I want to teach you precisely how to do the same.Remember, bodybuilding is nothing more than an illusion, and if you do it right, you will appear bigger than you actually are. This is probably the most important thing you can do as a drug-free lifter.If you want to do a little game to help illustrate this point, find some pictures of muscular bald men on google images, and draw hair over their heads.Every time you do this, they will look smaller with the added hair. You will look way bigger without having to do anything!You can have a great horesehoe, but if you lack size in the long head of the triceps, your arms will ALWAYS appear small.This is a fact, because the long head of the triceps is what demonstartes the meat of the overall arm.

By getting a bigger long head, your arms can actually look really big without being super strong.This is true when you are overweight or chubby, but not when you are already lean.If you are sub 15% bodyfat, you are not maximizing your overall size.Just observe the guys at the local gym, and you will find this to be true 100% of the time. This is dissapointing and frustrating to me, because someone can look SO much bigger if they actually trained their neck.In fact, if you were extremely skinny all over your entire body, but had an impressive neck, you would automatically look like you lifted weights. Here is a picture of a random guy who happens to have a thick neck.

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