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Louis Tomlinson, a member of One Direction, took to Twitter to defend his heterosexuality after a journalist from The Independent reported that a T-shirt Mr.Tomlinson wore was in solidarity with Apple’s newly out chief executive, Tim Cook. Jonas stands out by embracing the homoerotic undercurrents inherent to pop superstardom.“Nick is the first straight male in the past few years to let himself be sexualized by gay men and not just be O. with it, but promote it,” said Mitchell Sunderland, an editor at Vice who recently wrote an article for the magazine about Mr. “Although there is a profit-based motive, it’s still pretty revolutionary.”This approach appears to be more aligned with the calculated coming-of-age-by-stripping-down blueprint formulated by female image makers such as Britney Spears (another former Disney performer) and Miley Cyrus (a girlfriend of Mr.Jonas during her “Hannah Montana” era).“I think Nick is more in tune with what is selling with the kids, and his openness will be a model for other guys in the industry to follow because it’s been so successful,” said Bradley Stern, an editor for the music website Idolator and founder of the pop blog Muu Muse.“Considering how much people bemoan the fact that female pop stars are forced to be sexy to sell, it’s interesting that no one feels very much pity for Nick Jonas.”For his part, Mr.Jonas approached his two older brothers about disbanding the Disney-rock trio so he could go solo.“In the past, there was certainly less freedom,” he said.“I wasn’t able to be as vocal about certain things.”Meanwhile, Joe Jonas, 25, seems to be concentrating on a possible career in fashion, regularly turning up at fashion shows and even working briefly as a fashion blogger for New York magazine, while Kevin Jonas, 27, has gone the reality-TV career route, appearing in an episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” as a house contractor and signing on to be on next season’s “The Celebrity Apprentice.”For Nick Jonas, striking out on his own meant ditching Christian guitar riffs for a flirty soul-pop sound injected with body-positive bravado.She attends Horace Mantis Academy with the boys and Stella.She runs a JONAS fan site and has to be best at everything in school.

(His last Top 40 hit was five years ago, when he was still with the Jonas Brothers.) In April, he will open for Iggy Azalea on her “Great Escape” tour.“This is the most exciting time of my life,” Mr. “It’s one of those things where you just have to roll with it and, even though not everyone will come with you, push yourself to new places.”In October 2013, Mr.

Jonas dutifully made the rounds required of a 22-year-old newly minted sex symbol.

At the behest of Ryan Seacrest, he sneaked up from behind a fan to sing a brief a cappella rendition of “Jealous,” the first single from his current self-titled album.

On the track “Wilderness” from his current album, he sings, “Naked as the day we were born/Did you know it could feel like this? Jonas and his management team enlisted producers like Sir Nolan and Robo Pop for his adult-leaning sonic makeover, they approached Wilhelmina Models in August to discuss marketing the singer’s untapped lack of modesty. Jonas said, he discussed the growing pains associated with “the need to be transparent and lay it all out.”Taylor Hendrich, the head of the agency’s men’s division, which signed the singer, took his words literally. Jonas wearing only a baseball cap and white underwear (his jeans were pulled down to his knees) as he grabbed his crotch in a homage to the 1992 Calvin Klein ad starring Mark Wahlberg. The next month, he appeared in Details magazine glistening in sweat as he showed off his shirtless workout regimen, as well as in Attitude, a British gay magazine, in which he flexed his muscles yet again and said that being hairy was a “beautiful part about being a man.”The racy images’ viral magic has ensued ever since.

A call was immediately made to Flaunt magazine, a fashion and pop-culture magazine in Los Angeles, to conceptualize “some sort of major editorial that would be really forthcoming and open Nick up to who he is today versus who he was as a Jonas Brother,” Mr. On “The Tonight Show,” he popped up alongside Jeff Daniels and Usher. He’s hot.”Not since the R&B singer D’Angelo appeared in the buff for his music video “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” 15 years ago has a male pop act been so at ease objectifying himself.

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