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Meet Christian singles from different backgrounds on our Christian dating services websites to meet American, British, Australian, Asian, black Christians, Afro-caribbean, Hispanic, African, Filipino, Hispanic, Latino, Chinese, Korean, Middle Eastern, South American single Christians.

Are you 50 plus, over 60 or retired and looking to meet new senior single Christian friends?

In person, over the phone, through text, whatever, just ask him if he would be interested in going out to dinner, a movie, or some other event you would enjoy. All in all, whether you are a Christian guy or girl who is getting older, you have to accept that the options are more limited, therefore you should not let good opportunities pass you up.

You can’t use the same approach you used when you were 19 or 20. If you are going to error on the side of coming across as too forward or too passive, the older you get the more you want to take chances socially and just see what might happen rather than just waiting around for the other person to do something. Date Outside of Your Social Box This piece of advice applies to anyone who is having trouble meeting other Christians who they would want to date.

This is a radical idea for some, but the older you get the more unrealistic it becomes that you will find someone who has been totally single there whole life. The one piece of dating advice that I always hear and which I really do not like is “Never settle.” Of course I agree in general.

I’m just saying it’s something to think about and pray about.

What qualities are you placing too much importance on?

What qualities might you want in a guy or girl but are not absolute necessities?

The more expectations you have the less likely you will ever meet someone just like that. If you don’t like someone, you don’t like him or her. Just be open to God doing something creative in your relationships.

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Overall, if what you have been doing is not working, it’s time to try something different.

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