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If you’re looking to put out emotional fires before they burn your relationship to the ground, this book is for you.Tatkin uses the latest in neuroscience to explain how our brains are wired for security, attachment and rituals—and employs that to teach couples how to build a “loving brain.” In ten guiding principles, readers will learn to create a lasting partnership with greater love and fewer conflicts. Of all the books about relationships and marriage, this one seems to withstand the test of time.

If marriage took place in a vacuum, there would be no outside influences—including in-laws.Davis provides useful suggestions on how to break through a sexual stalemate.This is Gottman’s most recent relationship book, and it’s no surprise it’s an instant hit.But for better or worse, that’s not reality: this book is a must-buy for anyone dealing with overbearing, controlling, or critical in-laws, which can have a devastating effect on an otherwise strong marriage. ) reading this book with your spouse will at least teach you coping mechanisms and communication techniques, so the two of you can reclaim your relationship.When you’re in a lack luster marriage, it’s easy to think divorce is the answer.

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