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Ask one hundred people to name an online dating company and you'll see what we mean.

The landing page reassures us that we've come to the right place to begin our review; the tone and imagery perfectly fits the output of their multi-million advertising spends across television, radio, newspapers, magazines, public transport, street billboards and of course, online.

I now regret not researching it before making payment. Account blocked twice, no reason given and no way to make contact.

No control over distance or age of people contacting you and the contact for the company for help is constantly defective. I entered this site last week and by the third day I thought something was fishy , I was getting messages from guys who all happened to be picture perfect, to good to be true and all happened to be widowers , what a coincidence, my mistake was not to check the reviews first because they confirm all my suspicions, today I deleted all my info and canceled my account, unfortunately I lost 107 dollars, 3 months subscription which they were too quickly to take it out of my account and they didn’t give you any options since you couldn’t use the site without paying, so much for “free trial “My lesson has been learnt: don't assume because it's on Facebook it must have passed some sort of probity check.

I joined just over a week ago and have not been contacted by one real person.

They have changed where they live as now they claim to live in Australia but have exactly the same itinerary of questions. I would like a refund but is not contactable via email.

I found out how to cancel my membership (not easy but doable) and left the site. Buyer beware I logged on on the weekend and performed a fairly specific search, and hey presto, up popped three identical looking gorgeous men, all widowers, all roughly the same age with similar stories, but in different cities.One of them happened to like me, and when I started a conversation he, and all his lookalikes mysteriously disappeared ( you have to purchase a subscription to start a conversation).While I was free member, everyday I received emails about interests by pretty members. Except occasional email again to buy free message replies to free members I joined last Saturday as a one month paid member.They also offered discounts ( but want commitment for 6 month). Thus far I have blocked/reported 37 members who are scammers. I have emailed once and was told that i had emailed the wrong COUNTRY however it is the same bloody company. I have been on quite a few sites over the last 12 months and this is one of the worst for contact BY NO ONE REAL.

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They are also surprisingly short and unspecific about their partners. some very attractive ladies who also don't seem to match their ages. I was amused to get so many similar emails from "widowers" who had lost their dearly beloved wife in accidents or though cancer.

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