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The Single Lifestyle Singles engage in a variety of activities, but not much different from others in what they do.Most singles live active lives; that is, they engage in a wide variety of activities.FINDINGS The majority of singles in this age group are women, at the rate of three women for every two men, and the disparity grows with age.The plurality is comprised of divorcees, followed by the never married.What’s Liked Most About Being Single 13% 11% 31% 41% 54% 9% 13% 24% 35% 53% 11% 12% 28% 38% 54% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Not having to be responsible for someone More financially secure/my assets are not at risk Not having to answer to or deal with another Having my house and other things the way I want them More personal freedom, independence Total Men Women Q4.What two things do you like most about being single at your age?

For example only two percent of women say that sex is acceptable during the first date, while ten times as many men, 20 percent, think it is acceptable.(Base=3501, total respondents; multiple responses allowed) Why Date, Why Not Women want dates to have someone to do things with. The second major reason is “to simply have fun” (18%).Although a small minority, five times as many men (11%) as women (2%) say that their major reason for dating is to fulfill their sexual needs.Making love and romantic evenings are more common among men.The results also show many stressed individuals, regardless of whether they are active or inactive.

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These include AARP The Magazine, published bimonthly; AARP Bulletin, our monthly newspaper; Segunda Juventud, our quarterly newspaper in Spanish; NRTA Live and Learn, our quarterly newsletter for 50 educators; and our Web site, org. Acknowledgements We would like to thank staff at Knowledge Networks, especially Kathy Dykeman, for their work in conducting this survey. From AARP The Magazine, the sponsor of the survey, we want to thank Hugh Delehanty, Steven Slon, Ron Geraci and Karen Reyes for their sponsorship and creative insights. This image has been changing as boomers liberalize sexual attitudes, so that by their own choice, more people may never marry.

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  1. Have seen my share of relationships so I know what happens. My sole mantra is: "Let me give you a new perspective of your problem and find you a solution or if all else fails just rant ... You may not understand why, but eventually you will.

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