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Focus on the great things that have happened with your family, home, career, and relationship.

Savor your successes, and refocus on new dreams or goals for your relationship.

The trick is to find, and continue to find, the grounds for marriage.” ~ Robert Anderson.

married couple or couple in love – even the happiest ones – can find grounds for divorce…but the key to a happy marriage is to find reasons to stay married.

Nor are you allowed to return to the person you discarded behind the first door.Then, figure out what you can live with – because marriage is about acceptance and unconditional love – and what you live with.Though couples counseling can help you determine the difference between the two, it’s not always necessary.Recently, I was thrilled to hear one of my friends describe how great his program is for couples – and she didn’t even know that I have his Marriage Fitness tips here on my blog!Thousands of Jews in Slovakia and Carpatho-Russia, hitherto deprived of citizenship, will be permitted to become citizens, if a bill introduced yesterday in the Czecho-Slovakian parliament by the Social-Democrats, the strongest party in the country, becomes law.

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