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Yet our lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that may jeopardize notarial acts and invalidate them in states that do not recognize webcam notarization. Point 3 - Texas already has electronic notarization laws in place under Chapter 322 of the Texas Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (See Sec. The use of the electronic notarization law under Sec.322.011 is serving the purpose for Texans and makes it affordable for Texas notaries and businesses to perform electronic notarizations using any technology the parties agree upon without government interference or regulations.Instructions on how to voice your opposition: Complete the form, press the "Personalize" button located at the bottom of the form, and then press send.Your email (personalized with your information) will be received by each member of Texas Senate voting on this bill.HB 3309 micromanages the electronic notarization process and is designed to benefit high-tech companies.There is no need for expensive, complex high-tech equipment as required by HB 3309.Post them up on Facebook and You Tube easily using the one-click uploading feature from the free and user-friendly Live! With this parental control feature enabled, each time you activate the webcam, you will be prompted for the password.

The requirement that the signer be physically present is the basis of every notarial act and is necessary to ensure a valid notarization.The person you're chatting with will enjoy only clear, crisp audio - even without the use of a dedicated headset.A click is all you need to share your favorite HD videos with the world. Cam Sync HD to prevent unauthorized usage by your child or anyone else.Webcam notarizations bound by the technology required in this bill will eliminate the need for thousands of notaries in the State of Texas, notaries who are your constituents.HB 3309 will allow only a few high-tech companies to perform remote notarizations from a few remote locations (similar to calling centers).

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How can a notary using a webcam to perform a notarial act for an elderly person (for instance) ensure that the signer has not been coerced into signing a will or power of attorney by a criminally-minded family member or health care provider?

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