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Does Cash Liquidation Distribution in BOX 8 of 1099-DIV have to be reported?

This is the first time I have received a 1099-DIV with an entry in BOX 8. I understand that this is a partial return of capital, only reducing the cash basis of the sock, and could be there for informational purposes only. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you.

S.-source “fixed determinable, annual or periodical” income (FDAP).

trade or business is taxable in the United States only on U.

S.-source “fixed determinable, annual or periodical” income (FDAP). S.-source dividends, not all foreign jurisdictions have comprehensive income tax treaties with the United States. S.-source dividends repatriated from the United States to a non-treaty jurisdiction generally will be subject to a 30 percent withholding tax. These deemed transactions should have no adverse U. federal income tax consequences, but will result in the shares of the U. subsidiaries being stepped up to fair market value for U.

trade or business is taxable in the United States only on U. While the substantial majority of income tax treaties concluded by the United States reduce or even eliminate the 30 percent withholding tax on U. taxpayer is able to satisfy the limitation on benefits (LOB) provision in one of these treaties, any U. withholding taxes in this situation, the Brazilian parent transfers the shares of the U. Subsequently, an IRS Form 8832 (, a “check-the-box” election) is filed on behalf of the Brazilian holding company converting it from a corporation into a partnership for U. As a result of this deemed conversion, the Brazilian holding company is treated as if it distributed all of its assets (, the shares of the U. subsidiaries) and liabilities to its shareholders in liquidation of the corporation, and immediately thereafter, the shareholders contribute all of the distributed assets and liabilities to a newly formed partnership. Subsequently, in a transaction characterized as a “D” reorganization for U.

If there is no capital gain or loss (distribution and basis the same), you do not need to report it but you may choose to, by listing it on Schedule D with no gain or loss.

I would use the date that the liquidation was done.

You should have this somewhere on a statement or a check if you received cash.

This rule applies regardless of whether the property received would otherwise be considered to be a dividend for U.

Assume that the Brazilian holding company is owned 75 percent by the existing Brazilian parent and 25 percent by a newly formed Brazilian company (which in turn is wholly owned by the existing Brazilian parent). (The Brazilian parent’s direct ownership of the Brazilian holding company needs to be less than 80 percent so that the deemed liquidation that results when the check-the-box election is filed is not treated as a nontaxable parent subsidiary liquidation under Section 332).

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